Looking Back

It has been a crazy 5 years and that is an understatement! I feel ready now to start documenting what happened. So I am going to post here some “looking back” posts to recount my journey. I will post normal “current” up to date posts also but I do want to get it all out onto paper I think. I have been a bit scared to open that box up until now. I have been unsure if I could handle reliving the very worst period of my life. I feel now it is important and part of moving forwards and on. This is the place to do it. This is the place where I documented the 2 years leading up to the moment when my life changed forever. So the background is here. I have read back through and its so strange. the kids and I have come so far. We have all changed so so much. I am very proud of myself but also a little melancholy. At the time I left this diary  I was married with 3 small kids- aged 7, 6 and 4. My last “normal” entry was on December 16th 2012. Just 12 days later on December 28th 2012 my husband told me our marriage was over. Out of the blue! No discussion, no way back. Just OVER, gone! So in my looking back posts that’s where I  will begin. I will try to tell it as accurately as I can and as fairly.  Its been an absolute rollercoaster if that’s not too clichéd. I am a different person now. Better in lots of ways and no doubt worse in a few. If anyone is reading this who is currently going through a break up – it will get better- I promise.  If you follow me I will try to show you how it has got better for me over these years…….hmm… this could be interesting!

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