The Cookie Monster

The Cookie Monster


I’m so determined this time,

nothing can stand in my way.

I’ll give up the chocolate and wine,

and lose all this weighed I have gained.


I will stay to group every week,

and always follow the plan.

Each plate will be full of speed,

I’ll soon be a brand new woman.


First week and I’ve lost four pounds.

I feel like I’m on cloud nine.

At home fruit and veg abounds.

It was worth giving up the wine.


In a month I have lost a stone,

I’m not even tempted by bread!

I keep track with an app on my phone,

but then up pops a voice in my head….


“You don’t need to measure your cheese,

and why should cake be a syn?

Just eat whatever you please.

Your friend does and she’s really thin!”


I ignore the voice this time,

but it does feel a little bit harder.

Even though I know they’re not mine,

how I long for the sweets in the larder.


But I’m good and I stick to a hi-fi.

At 3 syns they are a nice treat.

I feel in control of my life,

when I choose wisely what I eat.


Next day and the voice has come back.

“Come on, you’ve had a hard day.

It’s just a little snack,

no-one will know anyway”


Go away stupid voice, you’re annoying.

I want to lose this weight.

If I don’t it will be soul destroying.

If I do I will feel really great.


“You walked for miles this morning,

and you’re too tired to cook.

Look at you! you’re yawning!

Just don’t check the syns in the book”


“It’s only one cake, you’re so boring!

Who eats fruit at a party?

And if you keep eating those beans,

everyone will say that you’re farty!”


So I have a bit of binge,

Sausage rolls, cake and some wine.

Looking back at the day make me cringe,

but I did have a really good time.


At the scales I have stayed the same,

but I was easily led.

I’m not the one to blame,

It’s the monster inside of my head.


The next week I’m feeling quite blue.

Monster has advice to dispense.

“Have some cookies, have chocolate too.

Have some cake, you know it makes sense”.


“Have a burger and chips, have a pizza.

Have some ice cream, have the whole tub!

It’s the only thing that’ll please ya.

While you’re there have a meatball sub!”.


“Who cares if it makes you feel bad?

You’ll feel good first and that’s all that matters.

Believe me, slimming’s just a fad.

And I’ll watch as your weight loss dream shatters”.


“you don’t need to go back to group,

you’ve probably gained a stone.”

And so continues the loop,

wish that monster would leave me alone.


So at last I rejoin again.

I face the scales and go back.

The monster is such a pain.

Always ready to attack.


This time though I feel strong,

my eyes have been opened you see.

I guess I knew all along,

the monster is only me.





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