stop saying you’re ugly, please.

as someone that’s insecure myself, it hurts seeing other people call themselves ugly. i wish people realized that physical appearance is completely objective and that there is little such thing of a beauty standard. especially when it changes with the passing time. you’re not ugly, you’re human. maybe your character might be a little unsavory, but please don’t say you’re ugly because you’re not!

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January 2, 2021

Some people most definately are ugly inside and out! And some days I feel ugly and I think I look ugly. Shouldn’t I be able to express that?  Likewise, I hope you will allow me to share those moments when I feel beautiful??

January 2, 2021

@dragontears understood! i’m not one to say i don’t feel ugly sometimes either! it’s just that i’m slowly starting to find a little esteem in myself, and hope others will be able to do the same.