who knows what this year will bring, to be honest.

♡ ྀ 

firstly, happy new year.

as much as i would love to be optimistic about the upcoming events of 2021, i feel as if i’m old enough to understand the year couldn’t ever be better than the last. our version of “perfect” is nothing short of less terrible. i am anticipating trump’s departure from the white house. i hope it fares well, but it would be entertaining to see him having to be dragged out in real time.

it’s not necessarily the events of the world that i am looking forward to in the new year. i have some personal resolutions of my own that i aim to stick to. i’m still a teenager (up until next year) but i feel incredibly behind. not to say everyone my age is doing better than i am. we’re still young and immature and incapable. shit, there’s people older than i am who are still lost—and that’s okay, i think. however, i do think it’s about time i start to become independent in my choices and have more responsibility/control over my life. i often forget i am a living human being who is in full reins of their destiny. i can do whatever i want, really—”free will” or whatever. aside from being under a parent’s roof, there are things within reason i can do to establish my adulthood.

this is my first ever open diary. on a 30 day trial, of course, so let’s see how long i can keep this up since i’m never really consistent. i always wanted somewhere to spill all my feelings to. oversharing on a spam page and bottling in my emotions doesn’t help. and with writing being something i know i’m good at, i took a crack at it and reignited my love for it.

also i enjoy reading into other people’s lives, hahaha. >:)



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