A different topic for once, lol

I do still need to update on what’s going on with the jerk face and I, but I won’t do that in this entry. I’m gonna save that until, one I feel like doing it, and two, after I am done with tomorrow’s exam lol.

So I haven’t really sat down and studied as much as I should have, but thankfully the exam is open book. I still have 3 chapters to read, and i have to be at the school no later than 12:30 tomorrow afternoon. The amount of information the exam will be over seems overwhelming, but we’ll see. It’s hand written, no multiple choice questions. So I’ll be trying to get all the sleep I can, and eat a decent breakfast tomorrow, and most importantly, PRAY lol. I hope to pass. This is only the midterm exam, worth 100 points. I don’t know what the questions will be, but this is economics, it can be anything lol. I should have tried harder to prepare, but honestly, it’s been super hard to concentrate on anything with the relationship situation, and life in generalĀ  going on. However, I cannot allow him to ruin my education. Even if he the one who bugged me about getting a degree, since I am this farĀ  might as well go all the way. I may have to finish this degree in anther state, but I WILL finish it. I will take the summer off to get myself settled and to make sure I am prepared to start again in the fall. It’s been so hard to stay positive, and to push with NO support system, but I thank God for my online friends on FB, they help cheer me on. My mom does too, and I really appreciate her. I am looking forward to being with my REAL family more often, not this sham I have now. Anyway, I have to take an uber to school tomorrow, gonna cost me at least $16 unless uber raises it again, I pray not. I have it covered tho, if they do. Now jerk face will pick me up, so that’ll save me money. He didn’t bother to adjust his schedule. I could have reminded him sooner I suppose but he doesn’t seem too interested in my life, so much as my body and what he can get out of me while I am here.

Ok here I go talking about jerk face in this entry….let me stop LMAO. Haha just pray for me that I pass this exam…I didn’t come this far to fail lol. Now on to reading a chapter before I go to bed. I’ll get up early to finish the rest and brush up on what I have already read.

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