A mental vacation

That’s what I need lol. I swear people drive me crazy. From the crazy calls I get, to the annoying task of getting help (via a damn group chat) for these calls, to dealing with my family, I swear a vacation from people is much needed. I cannot take much more of my selfish sister. No sooner do I walk in the door from a long day at work (accompanied by a two hour wait to go the fuck home), I get my sis talking about the damn BeeGees. Now don’t get me wrong, I think they are alright, but I don’t need to hear about Robin Gibb every day. I already heard about him this morning. She gets her feelings hurt if you act bored, but damn my mind has barely had time to rest before you come at me like a customer on a good sale day. DAMN, can I BREATHE first? Like she’ll ask me to watch a video, I do to appease her, then she sneaks in more stuff. Meanwhile, I don’t get to do anything I want to do before starting dinner and/or homework. So the only “rest” i get is when I go to bed. Finding quiet time to do homework is quite a chore. I can’t do this long term, and it’s crazy I was able to deal this long. Then again, I had practice dealing with stress with S alone lmao. I just need a mental vacation, no one cares that I need that, but whatever. It’s hard to concentrate of work or school work with dealing with all these stresses at the same time. Anymore I’m easily irritated, but then like I said who cares about what I need. Like I am supposed to give all of me away and have nothing left for myself. NOT, so getting away and loving them from a distance will be a good thing. I can’t deal with living with them, and I need time to myself. I NEVER get it, so yeah.

Well anyway I am gonna take my butt to bed. I read over some things (after doing my homework) that I need to finish up on for stuff due tomorrow. I’m just too tired to deal with it tonight, but at least I got the quizzes out of the way. Now for the “mini” essay style shit I have to do for one assignment due tomorrow. And this is freaking GEOLOGY, I picked it to get the credits and this fucker is making me work for it lmao. At least I’m passing these classes lol. I won’t have a strait A game this semester, but at this point I’ll just be happy to pass. At the end of this month, enrollment for spring classes begins. OH JOY haha. At least by then I’ll be all settled back in NC lol.

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