Almost done

I’m one class away from being done for the semester. I just did a timed essay for English class, which took damn near the whole time to do, with some time wasted on my part lol. I had two mins to spare, but I wasn’t gonna let that timer cost me a zero on that damn essay. Fucker is worth 200 points, I hope this time to get the damn full grade lol. I still got an A on my last one, but she’s a ridiculously tough grader. I already did the work due from the other classes by THEIR due dates, now to focus on this last class. I have some work to do in my art appreciation class, sounds easy, but I have to watch a bunch of video, takes notes, submit the notes, and some other part of the assignment. I’m taking a mini break, cause that last hour had me all stressed to do it all on time lol. I also need to call my health insurance to update them on my new address, as well as order a 3rd cable box, since my bf let his son take the one meant for the living room, in his bedroom. Anyway, I have things to write about dude and his son anyway, but I’ll save that for the winter break I’m about to get, thank GOD lol.

Today I’ve been feeling a bit off, kind of queasy and I don’t like it. I haven’t thrown up, but I keep feeling like I might, and even make the motions as if I’m gonna. I have to pause and breathe, before I can move again without risk of puking. It’s not even a heavy feeling, just annoying as I hate throwing up. I had a couple days this week where I felt like I may, but it’d go away. Today it’s off an on since this morning. I think it may be due to the fact that my AF is due Monday. It can show up any day before then, but as of yet no signs of her arrival lol. So who knows, but it’s annoying cause I feel yucky and I am tired.

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