And apparently I am full of shit lol

So this morning I worked some extra hours at my second job before heading to my main one. It was a busy day, but it’s Black Friday so that’s to be expected. I had been contemplating asking AJ to give me a ride to my other job so I didn’t have to walk. It was cold and had rained this morning. I know that ever since he hugged me yesterday, it affected me more than I expected it to. Like what I was feeling intensified after the hug. It was all I could think about last night. Well since I knew he liked me, I was sure he would have given me a ride if I asked. Most of the day I was going to, but every time I tried to get time to ask, customers walked up. Lol it was aggravating. I know his schedule is usually the same every day that he works there. So I wanted to ask when he planned to go to lunch so I could see if he could give me a ride. I finally got a chance to talk to him and asked when he planned to go to lunch. He said it was 1, the same time I was getting off work. I asked if he minded giving me a ride to work on his lunch and he said yes. So yay lol.

Anyway so when it came time to go I headed to the break room to clock out and get my things and AJ was already headed there too. He waited for me to get my things and grab my free lunch then we headed to his car. He told me that of course he’d give me a ride cause he likes me and that he would have offered to give me a ride whenever we got off work around the same time. I guess he was hesitant not knowing if I’d accept. I just said that it would help because Uber is expensive lol. I also told him I didn’t know why he liked me because he didn’t know me lol. So we pulled up to my job,  I told him thank you and that I appreciated it and toI have a great day. Then without thinking I told him to not be a stranger. He smiled and said well give me your number. I didn’t even feel the slightest bit of hesitation because I gave it to him lol. Before I did tho joked and told him to guess lol. Anyway he called me right then so I’d have his number (which I later saved lol). I joked and said you just wanted to make sure I wasn’t fake numbering you lol. He laughed and was like it was so you’d have my number too lol. I’m not even sure what I was thinking in that moment, but I guess curiosity got the best of me and I did something I didn’t think I would. I’m not rushing into anything but he seems to have a great deal of patience when it comes to me lol. We’ll see if he contacts me first, I’m not making any sudden moves. I’m already trying to deal with the fact that I so willingly gave this man my phone number lol.

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November 26, 2021

It certainly sounds like there is something there. I say go for it! Best of luck!

November 26, 2021

@ashestoashes thank you!! I’ll keep my entries updated if/when anything happens.

November 26, 2021

No, you’re not full of s**t. Nobody is. David.