And hello again lol

I’m a bit tired, but all in all in a better mood than I had been. Yesterday I got to see one of my favorite gospel artist perform live. The tickets were really cheap, and it was on a college campus. I mentioned him coming to town to a coworker, and she said she wanted to go, so I got her ticket (she paid me back later) and we went yesterday. So I texted her my address and the name of my apartments, thinking it would help her find me. I ASSUMED she’d use GPS. Yeah I told her the show started at 4, but doors opened at 3. This chick left her house at 3, trying to find my apt based on what i told her about how to get to my house. So it’s 15 mins to 4, and she’s calling asking where my apt building is. This chick is in a totally different apartment complex, and i’m like annoyed cause i HATE to be late. Anyway I had to talk her over to where I was. Her husband was driving and would drop us off and pick us up later. Well I used GPS to get to the college campus, but oddly enough they were a bit off as to exact location. We found it tho, and we were dropped off. She commented on how long the line was. I said yeah doors opened at 3:30, but we had arrived a few mins prior. I knew they’d start late tho, I mean ya know CP time haha. Anyway she asked if the seats were assigned. I said no, general admission. she’s like “oh i wish i had known, we could have gotten here earlier. YA THINK??? I said “well i thought I mentioned it to you” Well we finally got in and of course they started about 30 mins late, and the bottom floor seats were pretty much full so we went to the balcony. It was actually better cause we could see much better from there, without the threat of looking over tall folks heads and arms lol.

Eventually it got started. A few local choirs sang a few songs for the first hour or so, and then finally my fave artist John P Kee came out and did an awesome show. He did a LOT of talking, but he did sing shortened versions of some of his well known songs. Some I didn’t know, some I hadn’t heard in so long it took me a min to remember lol. Overall it was a great time, almost like being in church. Now prior to going to this concert, she told her husband it would probably be around 6:30 when we’d be done, cause of the late start. But John talked and sang a lot, plus with it starting late, it ran late lol. I was prepared to stay til the very end. you know this chick had called or texted her husband to tell him to be on his way, and as John was wrapping up she turns to me “oh we gotta go, my husband is here” I was SOOOOO pissed. She was my ride, so I was stuck. If I had known she would do that, I would have arranged a ride home. I guess she was trying to beat traffic after, but still she could have said something. I was gonna try to get a Tshirt after and everything, but yet I didn’t have time cause I was rushed out cause her husband was there to pick us up. I said on the way home “I didn’t know we were leaving early, or i would have arranged a ride home” she said “oh well he was about to wrap up the show anyway” I said yeah but I don’t like leaving concerts early. If it was an emergency, I would have understood. If she couldn’t stay late, I could understand, but again TELL ME THAT. So I had to leave while I could hear him singing snipits of other popular songs. UGH, it took me a min to cool down. If i do anything with her again (a coworker), we are meeting up and I am finding my own damn right to and from. I hate procrastinators, especially when it’s a start time for an event or whatever. I’m glad I got to go, I just wish she hadn’t screwed up my mood with her carelessness.

So yeah, but I’m good now. I’ve played some John P Kee music, as well as Fred Hammond, and now I am gonna get ready for work here soon. Already did my homework due tonight, so I’ll worry about whatever I gotta do in business class tomorrow since I am off lol.

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January 20, 2019

have a blessed day!

January 20, 2019

@kaliko you too