I forgot about Microsoft office coming out today. So I may lose access to it if I don’t get it paid. I’m about $4 shy I think, I can try to see if bf has it (at this point money is tight AF) especially when one member of the house shirked his household financial  duties to travel to Indy for the holidays so me and S were stuck. Anyway if I can avoid that, it’ll be great cause I need Microsoft office for school. I may have to hold off on OD for a few because that payment is coming up soon too. I need the MO so yeah. And I’m still trying to figure out how I’m gonna pay my phone bill due last month on the 15th. I have to have my phone to find work. Ugh! I should have just taken a cashier job. I’m just gonna do that and hold on to that until one of these jobs comes through. S doesn’t want me to get stuck in a cashier job like last time because I was miserable, but understands my need. I tried to hard to save to avoid this but life stinks. It’ll get better tho. Eventually.

on a semi good note, I do have a face to face interview with a temp agency that found me on indeed. Maybe that’ll open up more options for me too.

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