I feel mentally drained. Between yesterday and today it’s been a shit show. People with attitudes all over the place, rude and all. The only good part of my day yesterday was seeing Anthony that morning. He stopped over for a few, I made breakfast for him. He was pleasantly surprised lol. It was nice, and for some reason he loves to pick me up,  which puts me at eye level with him lol, so I had to wrap my legs around him to hang on for balance and he holds me up. He’s pretty strong because I know I’m not that light lol. I always get a laugh when he does, but I like it. He gave me a few kisses before leaving. Once I got to work though, that’s when my day got shitty. I was so mad at one point that i cried on my lunch. I will be looking for a new job starting January. I can’t stand people who think talking to me like I’m a child then having the nerve to say I have an attitude when I get mad.

Today isn’t much better. Ive just been in a mood since yesterday. Also knowing that Anthony is having a stressful day makes me feel sad.  I knew I was not gonna see him today, he’s off work and lives an hour away, but I wish I could have given him a hug. Like me, he deals with anxiety and I know that can wreak havoc on your thoughts. So today was off for both of us. I know when to back off, so I wasn’t gonna bother him much. I just offered what comfort I could. He’s a sweet guy and I know with him I’ll have to be more patient, but I know a lot of what he goes through because I can relate to a lot of it, so I don’t get upset if I’m some days he’s more quiet. He’s like me, we like to be alone, but every once in a we like to be around people. He’s an empath like me lol.

There’s a lot of things he’s done since we’ve started talking that shows me how he thinks/feels about me. It’s all really sweet, so I enjoy the few times we get to hang.  If work could be as nice, I wouldn’t have so many shitty days lol. I honestly never thought that things would be this way with this guy. At the beginning of this year, I was no where near feeling like I do now. It’s caught me off guard, and I think him too lol.  We’ll see how it goes. I hope the rest of today goes well. Everyone at work seems to have attitudes today. I’m trying not to feel so aggravated, but I’m tired AF.


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