Ha ok lol

I kind of regret telling mom I’m getting a school refund. Now she occasionally asks about it. As if she she’s got plans or something. Now this is not to say I wouldn’t help her out. Hell out of this check alone I spent over $100 I’m groceries and giving her $200 towards rent. I’ve spent more than that on groceries since I moved here. I intend to save my school money but I’m giving her the side eye when she keeps saying “oh you do get that check next month” like wtf! I’m not trying to be selfish here, but I find that odd. I can’t go the old route of spending money like I’m rich again. That’s part of the reason my 401k went so fast, other than paying some big ass bills off. I do my best to help around the house with cleaning, cooking, keeping food in the house, etc.

I plan to put that school money in savings and leave it there. I plan to throw money out of each check into savings. I will still help mom financially, but I will not give so much away that I’m broke all the time even with a good paying job. It’s safe to say mom has terrible spending habits. I can’t just let her do that to me though or we’ll all be in the hole. I have to fix the damage caused by not having a job and having to rely more on my credit card than I usually do. I love my mom, but I feel some type of way about her asking about MY refund check. Hell my paychecks are higher than that damn refund anyway. I’d save so much money even with living alone. Lol people love to drain funds and then complain that they are always broke.

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August 24, 2019

Unless she helped you pay for school, then she needs to chill. That’s what I say. Tell her I said that, ok?