Happy “late” New Year lol

I realized I have not been on here since December. Not even for a happy new year lol. I just hadn’t felt like writing, or I barely had time. Working 7 days a week is hard and I hope to find ONE good job soon so I can actually have days off without having to request them. I hate my job, but its a job that pays the bills. In the mean time, I am looking for better. I didn’t go to school so I can work two jobs and both at retail stores. I’m looking for more clerical or administrative stuff. When I can get my shit together I’ll be looking into a bachelors, still considering management careers in the future. All jobs come with stress, but the amount I have to deal with at my main job is so hard to deal with. I want to walk out, but of course….bills, rent, etc. LOL so I’ll bide my time until I can find better, I need to get on the ball and do several apps this week. Opportunities won’t just fall in my lap without me trying to get them lol.

Not much going on with me other than working my ass off and still being broke. Still glad to be on my own. It’s been 5 months now since I moved out. I have never felt such peace and happiness in my life. I love living alone, not being harassed into sex or petty arguments. It’s nice. I have moments where I feel bored or lonely, but for the most part that’s the least of my w0rries. I have the peace I’ve been needing for a long time, so I am happy. I do still hang with Anthony. Things are going well, but at a slow pace. I know sometimes I can be impatient, but as I am getting to know him and his quirks, I’m not as pushy with speeding things along as I have been in the past with other guys. I still want what i want out of this, but here’s to hoping things continue to go well and grow. He’s a decent man and I am glad I met him and that we are actually talking. I haven’t been able to see (or spend time with) him much these past few weeks, but he has made efforts to see me even if for a few mins.  A couple of times he’d stop by before heading to work with only a few mins to spare, so the most I’d get would be hug and kiss. Still nice to see him even for that long. I hope sometime soon tho, I can get a few hours with him. Scheduling clashes suck lol. We still text and talk everyday even if I don’t get to see him, tho I’ll get to see him sometimes if he and I are working on the same day.

So that’s pretty much what’s going on with me. I’m glad I don’t have to see or deal with the ex anymore. He can stay gone for all I care. It’s been nice not being stressed out. I’ll try not to go so long without writing. I hardly get on my computer anymore. I only write from my phone when it’s gonna be a short entry lol. I’m gonna eat breakfast and enjoy the little bit of free time before I have to go to work.

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