Happy New Year

I haven’t forgotten to write that entry I promised, but I will be writing it soon. Just wanted to stop in and say happy new year to everyone. Finally out of 2020

btw, the day/year JUST started and already S is asking me for money. He knows I get a stimulus check soon, so he’s prepped. I plan to use this money to get out of debt, and start saving for my exit. I’ll put some money toward the house as needed, but he won’t be taking it from me. Not this time! When I get my stimulus, school refund, and tax refund, paychecks , all are going to bills and savings. I just can’t believe the nerve of this guy!

anyway, hope this year brings much joy and happiness to you all.

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3 weeks ago

Why is he asking you for money? Tell him to get a job like the other working stiffs in this world then he will have all the money he needs. And maybe he needs a second or third job?

3 weeks ago

@jaythesmartone because he’s a broke ass. Most of the years together he’d ask and I gladly helped. He began to expect it, and took advantage of my kindness. As a result, I stayed broke and could barely take care of my own needs/wants. He’s not good with money, and is always smoking weed. He should get a second job, cause he’s gonna need it once I’m gone anyway. He makes decent money at his full time job.  I stopped telling him when I had money because he always had his hand out. It made saving hard. And funny part is he always has made more money than I have.

3 weeks ago


Well this year start asking him what part of NO don’t you understand and also tell him he has to wait two more weeks and then tell him it’s all gone. I use to do that with my ex.