Happy School Year!!

LOL so I just registered for Spring classes. ON the day of class start. WHY? Because my dumb ass forgot to submit the registration, so it was only listed as planned when I did them weeks ago. I couldn’t get two of my classes I wanted, but was still able to register for the English class I needed. Later one of the seats opened up for the class I was trying to get, so I took it. I couldn’t get the 3rd class I wanted, so I chose an alternative. Thankfully I thought to check to see if seats opened for the one I wanted this morning, so I dropped the second choice and picked this one up. So now I’m just waiting for FA and blackboard to update, so I can access that class and start on the work. So I did the enrollment verification for my online classes that I got registered yesterday. I ordered my books online at the bookstore, and will pick them up hopefully Monday (once they process the order), but hopefully no later than Tuesday since things are due Friday of this coming week lol. So while I’m there, I’m gonna see how much I can get back on my book for last semesters English class. Anything is better than nothing. I barely used it lol. Anyway, may also see about getting myself one of their hoodies lol. Anyway I have much to write about as far as my personal and work life goes, but it won’t happen today as I don’t have the house to myself today. I don’t like writing around that pos bf of mine!

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January 5, 2019

I’m glad that you decided to keep yourself enrolled in school, and eventually got the classes you wanted to take. Good luck with school!

January 5, 2019

@justamillennial thank you