I know I’ve said this before

But I wish I was done with this whole “training” business at work. The calls themselves can be bad enough, but what’s more frustrating is getting help. They seem to want to do everything virtual now. Like today, we had a huddle with our manager right. You’d think we’d all meet in a conference room  something and talk (you know, like the old days). NOPE, we enter an online virtual meeting and call a number and enter a conference code. WTF? Eh, well at least it got us off the phones for 30 mins right?? Haha. Well when it comes to getting help during calls, it’s more stressful than the call sometimes. I feel so bad for making customers wait for so long because no on in the chat sees my question until it’s dang near too late, OR they are busy answering other questions from my fellow coworkers who are new just like me. And don’t let us have to transfer to the next higher up rep…sometimes the wait to connect is so long the member hangs up, sometimes just as my agent finally picks up. A couple of times they have had to call the member themselves to help them. So it’s taking longer to really get anything done. The only good thing I can say is, because we are new hires, our calls are limited. So at times I can go 30 mins with no calls. Sometimes that is needed, tho at times it can get boring. Maybe I’ll take advantage and read some ebooks for my classes.

This is not to say there aren’t good things about this job, most of my issues stem from anxiety, but the job itself isn’t bad. It’s just getting past this learning curve, which is slowed for me because of 95% of my help is “virtual”. I will be glad when I have this down. I know I’ll still have questions, they all do, both new and old folks, but most of it I can do on my own once I get the hang of it. Also….I wish they’d open the lunch room until 4 instead of 2. I had to eat chips and a drink for lunch because it was closed and the only thing to eat at self serve (other than candy, grain bars, and yogurt) was a overpriced sad ass sandwhich that came with a sad ass side salad for $7. I was NOT paying that, so I ate chips. I missed lunch because the huddle pushed my lunch 30 mins past closing time. I meant to bring my lunch, but I forgot it. Hopefully I’ll remember to bring mine tomorrow. Now Thursday lunch is provided, so there IS that haha.

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October 9, 2019

I’ve never done a job like this, but I imagine it takes some time to really get in the groove. You just have to stick with it long enough until you head back to NC though.