I must be crazy lol

So I literally just got off an 8.5 hr phone call. Like I called caused we were both bored, but I didn’t expect to be on the phone all day. It wasn’t even fully charged, so at some point I plugged it in to charge and just put it on speaker. It would have been 8.5 strait hours if I hadn’t accidentally hung up the phone after 7.5 hrs, but I did call back 😂😂. Did we talk the whole time, no. We’d have a lengthy legit conversation for a while, then we’d go quiet. I was sure he’d wanna nap at some point. Nope! Then we’d talk some more, and then more quiet. I could tell he started getting sleepy towards the end, so I told him I was going to bed. Back when I first met him we’d have convos like that but none lasted this damn long. That’s a full work shift worth of time. Lol thankfully I have unlimited talk and text, plus it’s the weekend. I think he has that too lol. I guess he was more bored than I was lol. Yet, if I stayed on the phone that whole time, I must have been really bored myself 😂😂. Well now I’m off to bed, I’m tired. I just put in 8 hrs lmfao. 

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