I need to write

I had a talk with S, and honestly I am a bundle of confusion.  All the talk did was make me feel like I’m holding on to threads. I had a weak moment and said stuff I shouldn’t have for someone who talked about leaving. Truth is, I still don’t wanna be here. How do I handle this situation? Well, I’m almost done with lunch break,  so I’ll have to write either tomorrow or Monday with details of how the talk went. I’m sitting here thinking about things that were said, especially in regards to why we aren’t working, and how unfair it all is. Anyway I don’t mean to be vague but I will write more when I have time and privacy. I’m trying to come up with ideas to rectify the situation I am in. Bottom line, I’m still not happy. I still have questions, some I’m afraid to ask. The truth hurts, may as well face it. I know I deserve better than this.

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