I’m all moved in!!

Yes I am currently writing this from the inside my apartment! I got up Saturday morning and went to get my keys. I got there just as my couch did, thankfully the delivery guys were willing to wait the few mins for the office to open and the office let me get my keys after giving me the info and taking my ID info. I was able to sit on the couch while I waited for my internet tech to arrive. While he was setting up, my mattress arrived haha. I stayed to watch the rest of a movie on hbo max that I started this morning before going back to S’s house. I sure didn’t wanna go back haha. It felt nice being in my own place. Felt happy. Felt free! I had to go so when S got home we could get started on moving my things. About a half hour after he got home, we got started. Only took 2 trips since everything fit in his car. Didn’t need a truck.

Today he took me to shop for my apt. That was exhausting. I hadn’t eaten and I had to wait for his sorry butt to eat at the time he said he’d pick me up. Typical asshole. Anyway I spent quite a bit, but still have a few more things to get. I may just order then or do online delivery lol. Either way I am done with dealing with him. I’ve had some breakdown moments but I feel much better being in my own home. Just gotta get used to being on my own again. It’s peaceful. 

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August 15, 2021

Congratulations on moving in!

August 16, 2021

@aidensmommy thank you

August 16, 2021

So excited for you- you have worked so hard for this, really great!

August 16, 2021

@bronner thank you!