Last entry tonight, I promise lol

So you all know what was written in my last few entries tonight, and I probably sound crazy. I am just disappointed, but I’ll get over it. I’ll just have to weigh my options. I will continue to look for full time work, but I need to make at least $15 an hour to really be able to do anything, more than that would be a plus. I will still look into the full time job I’ve been trying to get at that call center, but if anything I will try to find another part time job that pays more than $11 an hour. I don’t want to work two jobs, and quite frankly I hadn’t intended on it, until the other store I almost got hired at called me. Then the idea was planted, I knew that one job alone would not get me out of debt and it’s been so hard for me to find full time work. Then I got the idea that I could live off of that, and when in a mind of desperation you’re not thinking too clearly. This is why I miscalculated thinking I’d make enough. I am still considering my options. I have thought of the roommate route, the hotel (extended stay), and saving up and moving somewhere else. Since my initial plans are not plausible, I will try the next best thing and that’s extended stay (while still looking more into the roommate idea). The hotel option at least gets me out of the house sooner, lol. I’d have my desired alone time to grieve. I don’t intend on working two jobs long term, but if anything it will still benefit me in that I can use this extra money to get myself out of debt. I’m in pretty deep, and working one job would not have helped. I still have a huge amount of debt to pay off, and I am working on fixing my credit. Who knows what will happen once I graduate, I would hope that my degree gets me in more doors sooner. I’m not happy about having to stay here, but I will just have to bide my time for longer than anticipated, and now that I can think clearly, I can sit down and figure my next move. I know I can’t stay here, so that’s what will still be in the plans for me. I was just disappointed that I messed up and dashed my own hopes.

So, while I have to stay here, I will do my best to cope. I am going to be paying everything off, saving up money and still making plans. The plus side of working two jobs is that I won’t be in the house as much to have to deal with these people, and I’ll have school to occupy my time when I am home. I just pray that things still keep looking up for me, because I at least have had some good things happen for me this year.

I got the call this morning to start my second job tomorrow. I did my tax forms online from the email link they sent, and tomorrow I will go in to do the onboarding and things like that. So at least I am now making the extra money I need to get myself out of debt. I was just trying to rush things and got ahead of myself. I will get out of this, hopefully sooner than later. I’m not in as big a funk as I was a little while ago, but not 100% back to normal. I’m just a bit down because of this news, but I’ll make the best of it and do what I need to, until I CAN get out of here. I can’t wait for that day!

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6 days ago

You will get there because I know this…you are more determined and you will get a job that you can maybe work and go to school?  I wonder if you can get a job in the field you are going to school for?

6 days ago

@jaythesmartone that is my hope. I want better jobs so that’s why I’m pushing so hard for this degree.

6 days ago


what is it in?

6 days ago

@jaythesmartone business management. At least with an associate, I can help my chances

Good luck hon! 🙂