Omg so irritated

My god my sister needs a job. Or to start therapy. She just literally rambled on for 20+ minutes about random shit. She’ll come in the living room even if I’m watching a movie or tv show and just start talking. She’ll do this several times a day. It takes all the strength in my body not to show I’m irritated. She’s so damn selfish and thinks cause she feels lonely and needs to be around people all the time that it justifies talking my ear off all day every damn day. At least when I start working I won’t have to deal with that. I don’t know how mom does it. It’s driving me crazy. It doesn’t help with my anxiety because I want to yell shut the fuck up so bad. This just fucked up my mood. I can’t even watch TV without these random ass lengthy ramblings.

If I show any irritation she gets her feelings hurt and then wants to feel down. I seriously can’t deal with this. I really really don’t understand my mothers patience. Mine is truly being tested. I love her but she is working my nerve. Though if I go in her room and she’s listening to music she gets an attitude. I so cannot wait to start working so I can get away from her. I don’t have the extra money to do things that I want like the gym or whatever. Hell I know when I go to NC that’s gonna be a much less stressful environment. It’s gonna be a minute before I can chill, my mood is fucked right now.

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July 5, 2019

How old is your sister?

July 5, 2019

@heffay 23

July 5, 2019

@sweet-n-simple Well I hope by now your mood has improved

July 5, 2019

@heffay thank you. It has improved. Though I do wish life would ease up on my whole family. So much going on and it’s stressful. All I can do is pray. I love my family but they sure can drive me crazy.

July 6, 2019

@sweet-n-simple I believe it. Your sister sounds like she’s a lot to deal with