Quick one before bed

I’m sleepy, hopefully tonight I’ll get a full nights sleep. Today was an event. Spent all morning and part of the afternoon putting crochet braids in my hair. After which, I regretted the idea. Not only is it very time consuming, but it’s a lot of damn hair and it’s hot and heavy. Why did I pick this style for summer? I guess I’ll wear it for 3-4 weeks then hold on this style off til winter lol.

Well today I got to say hi to my dog. S put me on speaker phone so the dog could hear me, but I have no idea what the dog was doing during this time lol. I miss the critter, with his spoiled self. It’ll at least be nice to see my dog again lol. I already know I’m gonna get “attacked” with greetings when he sees me lol. That’s my baby lol. My mr sniffy lol.

Well I’m off to sleep. Maybe tomorrow all the shit I’ve ordered will come in the mail lol. Night all!

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