Thank God

I swear the last few days have been so stressful. Everything seemed to want to come out of my account at once, threatening to put me in overdraft. I had to move money from my credit card to my bank acct just to avoid an overdraft fee when that same credit card payment came out. Amazon came out of the wrong card, so I was stuck with that fun fact. So I was stressed last night praying for some type of miracle. I was still due my  PTO hours but as of this morning I had not received the money yet. I mentioned that if they could get it to me by today that’d be great, since my other CC payment was due today and risked being late. So I was panicking. I contacted them and they told me I should get it today or tomorrow. Thankfully there was a late deposit, so this afternoon I got my money. It wasn’t a lot, but it was enough to avoid a late fee on my credit card. I went ahead and made a min payment on my other card too due in Jan, to buy me some time. SO PHEW. I had to thank God for that one. I did order some more vitamins, and got fast food for dinner, but thankfully I can breathe a lil bit. I don’t have a lot left over (not that my check was that big, it was only 32 hrs of PTO) but I still have money in my acct in case something else decides to come out. I’m very grateful that God allowed that paycheck to hit today, literally saved my butt at the last min. Hopefully by the time those are due again, I will be in my new job.

Speaking of which, today I went to the temp agency to reactivate my acct there, and hopefully this time they’ll have good leads for me. I also contacted the school to find out about getting jobs through the school. They have work study programs (I didn’t think of this until S asked me about it), so I will look into that. The guy at the school said those types of jobs now pay at least 10 an hr, when it used to be 7.50. I can live with 10 an hour plus it gives me some experience as well, that I can use on my resume. So I’m just trying to cover all bases and hopefully get good news before the end of this month. I have yet to hear back from the call center, so we’ll see. Hoping for a second interview, but I’m not gonna sit here and wait til they say yay or nay, I’m gonna keep looking in the mean time. I haven’t heard back from the school system yet on a substitute job, I hope to hear back soon with them too. I wonder if there is a slight delay due to the fact that it’s almost Christmas break. Either way, I’m keeping my options open. I’m trying my best to avoid grocery stores if I can. I’ll keep that option open too, ya know. I’ll just be glad when this part of life is over….the job search lol. 

And finally…..I got the mail situation fixed. I am now able to receive mail, thankfully my old change of address got deleted, cause this fight was on my damn nerves just to get my mail. I’ve been able to get things I’ve ordered as well as letters and other mail. So I told mom she can mail my things to me now, cause I’ll get them lol. Now yesterday I got a notice in my mailbox that I needed to go to the post office HERE to pick of a package that was delayed due to the change of address thing. I get there and they tell me it’s at the post office in Indy. I was going to call the post office there tomorrow to settle that. So I decided to check tracking on it just to see what was up and saw that it said delivered but to a zip code i know isn’t mom’s. So I called her to find out if it was delivered to her. She had gone to the post office to pick up the package (which explains the zip code). At least now I know where my shit is, and she’ll get it to me as soon as she can. Thankfully it’s not something I have to have immediately. Now as for this one thing i ordered on amazon while on the way to NC (an aux cord) I have no clue where it is, and at this point I’m tired of giving a fuck. The tracking on that hasn’t been updated since the 7th. It just states an issue with my change of address request. So I don’t know if it’s there or here or at either of the post offices. Fuck it, it was only $5 I’ll just order another one. I have a bunch of orders coming to me, 3 of which cost me nothing since I had $28 in amazon GC. Thank God for that lol. 

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December 17, 2019

(hugs) hope things calm down soon for you.

December 17, 2019

@kaliko thank you. It’s getting there but I don’t have as much patience as I used to and I’ve never been this low so o was freaking out

December 18, 2019

Good luck with the job search, and I hope everything moves in the right direction for you!

December 18, 2019

@thediarymaster Thank you! I hope so too