This is gonna be brief

I’ve gotten more to add to my entry. S is mad at me based on a question I asked. Now he thinks my lack of response is saying something I’m not saying. I just chose not to respond, for one how? And second, why? I did not want to take this to work with me. I’m so sick of him doing these text message rants. So now because I didn’t respond, he thinks I’m answering some question he didn’t ask, he says if that’s the way it’s gonna be. I’m done, I don’t need this shit. All because I didn’t answer, he came to his own conclusion. I don’t care anymore. I’m tired of hurting. I’m not allowed to breathe before I respond, so he jumps to assumptions…as usual. I’m so tired!!!

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3 weeks ago

Maybe delete his number from all your tech toys and his e-mail too?  I would have nothing to do with him and maybe if you start talking and answering yourself he will think you are really nuts and then just leave? My hubby thinks I am totally nuts when I ask myself where something is and then find it….

3 weeks ago

@jaythesmartone unfortunately I have to live here until I can get the money to move. So I’d still have to rely on him for some shit until I’m back on my feet. I’m gonna get a second job ASAP. That’ll help. Once I’m gone, then for sure he will be deleted and blocked. I will never ask him for shit after that

Yup sounds like you need to give him what he wants the boot!

3 weeks ago

@mermycohea if I had a place and the money to do so, I’d be out the door yesterday lol