This won’t be too long

I have wasted enough time today, but I am tired and exhausted, both mentally and physically. I didn’t get much sleep, but I’ll get into why some other time. I just will be glad when this year starts to look good for me. It’s so hard for me to focus on what’s important, cause I’m dealing with this “relationship” issue. I know what needs to be done, but I”m still stressed the hell out. I can’t keep up anymore, and I am tired of being so stressed I can’t even focus on my homework. According to some, nothing makes me happy. Never mind the fact that it’s THEIR fault I’m not the happy-go-lucky girl that moved here 3 years ago. I have been meaning to write about the talk and all, but just haven’t had the time or the energy, or perhaps the will sometimes, to come do it. So yeah, but I’m still gonna push forward and move on with my plans to vacate this city/state permanently. Being treated like “the problem” is taking it’s toll on me. I’m trying so hard not to bring it to work.

I am still trying to finish school, stress and all. I am glad that I’m passing at least. I’m so far getting all A’s in English class, and I hope to continue that. With Economics, I’m  passing so far, but got stuck on a math project and graph project that I have absolutely no idea how to do. I contacted my teacher today and she is willing to meet with me on Monday (and not count my assignment as late) to help me learn how to do this. I found that the math problem is due at the end of the semester, so I have time to try to figure that out. Math was never my strong point lol. So I’m grateful that she is working with me, finding a good day, time, and place to meet up so she can help me. As for my Business management class, passing so far. He doesn’t seem to reach out much, but maybe that’s just an online business class thing lol. Anyway I’m just glad I’m passing so far. I made all A’s last semester, as a full time student, and made the presidents list. I’m only doing part time this time, but still hope to get all A’s if I can.

So I am gonna get off this thing and do some reading for my classes, and do the homework that’s due Sunday lol. TTYL

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