Well hmm

You ever start something and the feelings involved become overwhelming? That’s what I’m dealing with at this present time lol. I know I talk about this guy a lot but he stays in my mind pretty much everyday. I’ve only talked about him to a couple of my friends. Nothing is official yet other than the dating, but we’re not an official couple at the moment. I hope for that, but I’m also very ok with it being as is for now and taking the time to continue getting to know each other. I can tell he’s gotten a lot more comfortable and relaxed with me and his actions show genuine interest in me. I used to suppress whatever I was starting to feel for him and then once my guard dropped enough to let him in, I couldn’t do it anymore. The more I got to know him, spend time with him, the more I liked him. And yes we’ve already started having sex, sooner than we ever thought but I’m actually cool with this as is he lol. However I’m starting to feel a bit more for him than I used to and it kind of scary and overwhelming. I don’t necessarily think it’s love, but I know my feelings have grown. It’s so easy being with him though. The way he’s treated me has been so sweet and consistent. I’m not used to this treatment, so I try not to let it get to me too much, last thing I wanna do is become clingy lol.

I know he cares a lot about me. His actions, especially the small ones, I notice  it shows me he’s a genuinely good person. It shows me how he feels about me. I’ve seen him take care to consider others at work. It’s going on 3 months since we starting talking. Things are going smoothly, I’m just trying not to let my anxiety get to me and my insecurities. He just makes me feel so good and I never thought I’d have that so soon. He’s so easy to talk to, be myself with and I love it. I’m not gonna put a time limit on when things develops, but in the mean time I have to be careful not to get my heart too attached until I know it’s safe to do so. I just don’t want him to go away.


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February 12, 2022

Hope it all works out. It sounds intense as new love usually is. <3

February 12, 2022

@celestialflutter I hope so too. Love is already complicated enough, especially after a heartbreak