Well I had a good birthday lol

Yesterday was my bday, now entering chapter 43 of life haha. I had to work, but thankfully it was a morning shift and I got off at 1. I couldn’t get the day off due to no coverage, so that’s what they did so i could enjoy the rest of the day. Despite being 30 mins late to work due to having issues getting an uber/lyft ride to work. Crazy how if I have to be at work at 6, I can get one no issue. However, trying to get there at 7 was annoying. Then I was told the damn azalea festival was this weekend, so that could explain why it took an hour to get a ride down the damn street to work lol. Work wasn’t too bad tho, had to cook, but the day went by fast, which I was grateful for.

Anthony came by to take me home on his lunch break and told me he’d be back after work to hang. So when he came over, he asked to use my shower lol then he asked what I’d like to do for my bday. I didn’t really feel like going out, so I was cool with getting something to eat and eating at home and watching a movie. We had Chinese food and watched tv. We ended up having sex (lol), which was great. We laid down after, and he was fast asleep. At first I thought he was gonna leave eventually, cause he’s never stayed over although he kept saying he planned to one day lol. However, as time went on, he’d look at the clock but he never got out of bed. So I just laid there and tried to sleep myself, tho he was snoring pretty loudly lol. It was very nice to have him laying next to me tho. He was knocked TF out and didn’t even notice I got up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. I think he got more sleep than I did, but I was not complaining. It felt nice to be cuddled up with him lol. I played around on my phone until I got sleepy again. In the morning he got up, he smiled at me and was like good morning lol. He stayed until he had to go to work at 9, so I made him some breakfast. I’m not sure if I’ll see him again today, but it was nice to wake up next to him today. It was a great ending to my bday. It was a pretty chill day.

I am off work today, so I had nothing to do. I did some housework, but mostly sat on my ass watching TV lol. I just put in a few job apps tho. I need better pay and fast. I’m willing to bet my rent will go up with a new lease, so I’m trying to be proactive here in making sure I have sufficient income. It’s struggle enough with what I currently make lol. In the mean time, while i wait for that new job to kick in, I am thinking of adjusting my schedule for both jobs (for one day only) to open at one job and close on the other in the same day. That little bit of extra money will put me in a better position financially for when I need to sign a new lease. I do not want to have to move, I like where I am and the location is perfect. Sooo yeah. We shall see.

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