I bought myself a ticket to the BSB concert this Tuesday. I was hoping to score front row, but they didn’t go down enough and then asshats decided to buy up some and then resell them at ridiculously high prices. So I got a cheaper floor seat. I’m still gonna have a great time regardless! I have been looking forward to this concert for the longest. I love their latest cd and I’m ecstatic to know some of my faves from that album will be performed! It’ll be nice to take my mind off work and home, even if for a few hours! This should be fun!

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September 6, 2019

That should be fun. BSB, huh?  I love the Botswana Savings Bank. Always fun to visit. I definitely didn’t google different acronyms for BSB just for that bad joke. The concert should be fun, hope you have a good time

September 6, 2019

@heffay lmao thank you! I am happy to have something fun to look forward too. Been a fan for 20 years!