Crappy Birthday…..

So today was my birthday (well the 21st, but since I haven’t gone to bed yet I’m still considering it the 21st still) and it was a pretty crappy one. I was in school all day (8:30-6:50) and didn’t do anything really. I tried "watched" a movie with a friend, but that’s it. I put in quotes because the whole time he was on his computer talking to some other girl. Usually it makes me mad when he does that because to me when you’re hanging out with someone, you shouldn’t be constantly talking to someone else whether it’s on the computer or a cell phone or whatever, but I didn’t feel like arguing with him about it and he still paid attention to the movie. I realized today though just how little people care. My own sister didn’t even bother to show up for long at all for it. She moved out a couple weeks ago as soon as she turned eighteen, but that’s a loooong story. You would think that your family and friends would at least wish you a happy birthday and maybe try to do something special for you even if it’s just making a card for you out of construction paper or giving you a hug or something. I suppose some people wrote happy birthday on my wall on facebook, but they were from people who don’t actually know me that, that well. They’re more like acquaintances who probably only knew it was my birthday because it mentions your "friends" birthdays in the newsfeed otherwise no one would have known. I wasn’t expecting anyone to really spend any money on me and buy me gifts or make a huge deal of it, but it would have been nice to at least know I’m cared about and appreciated. While you should probably do that anyways for people you care about, to me their birthday is one day that you really want them to know it. I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me though because I don’t really have any really good friends or friends in general. I have people I call my friends, but I suppose they’re more like acquaintences that I might see every now and then or they’re people I technically don’t know in real life, but just over the internet. How sad is it that most of the people that seem to care about or is willing to let me vent to them are people I met online and don’t actually know? Not saying  people online is a bad thing, it’s just it’d be nice if I had actual friends in real life too. The friend mentioned earlier in this I guess is one of 2 people I actually consider friends, but lately he’s been making me mad. I’ve talked about him before I think when he had a g.f. and treated me like crap. I guess I just have bad luck when it comes to making friends. I end up trusting all the wrong people since as mentioned in previous entries, I’ve been screwed over by everyone I’ve ever trusted and thought was a friend. Was kinda a depressing birthday since no one really seemed to care about it. oh well.

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September 22, 2009

I think in general there are a lot of times where your Birthdays just seem to mean less as you get older. I know I’ve found it a lot harder in recent years to get excited about my Birthday when it seems like no one else is all that excited… And it does seem like all your friends dry up as well… It’s really hard to find a good friend and hang on to them…