guy problems…

So I was seeing this guy and had been off and on for the past few years. He would always ask me if I was his girl and I’d say yet, but he wouldn’t call me his girlfriend or consider us together in a relationship. All of a sudden he stopped wanting to hang out and would always make excuses as to why he couldn’t see me. I finally gave up and recently found out that he had found someone else. He just never told me about her. It didn’t really hurt so much that he was seeing someone it’s just that he actually referred to her as his girlfriend. He’s also called other girls in the past his girlfriends because he’d always refer to them as his ex girlfriends. I just don’t get why he wouldn’t ever consider me his girlfriend. It kind of made me mad, but also upset because then it made me wonder what was wrong with me. Why is it that he could consider other women his girlfriend, but not me? He always introduced me to his friends by my name saying I was a friend. I ended up crying the whole night because it hurt that I wasn’t special enough to him I guess for him to consider us in a relationship together. It also brought back memories of how I’ve been hurt in the past and not just by guys, but by people I thought were my friends. I’ve pretty much been screwed over by everyone I’ve ever trusted. I just don’t know what to do anymore because I can’t take getting hurt again and again and again anymore. I almost started cutting again, but didn’t. I know it’s not healthy or good and is stupid, but for some reason it makes me feel better. Or it used to anyways since I haven’t done it in forever and am trying to not do it. I just don’t understand why I keep getting hurt since it’s not like I always go for the same type of person. I’ve had many different types of people who were my "friends" and guys whom I’ve dated. It just really makes me wonder what’s wrong with me.

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September 8, 2009

Cutting is only temporary, and yes, it does help but it won’t help in the long run. Maybe you are just friends (if there is something physical going on i’d say he was using you, knowing that you will always be there without commitment to it). You should look elsewhere, have fun, meet new people, if he really does feel that way he will come around…if not then go enjoy life!

September 8, 2009

I would definitely get a whole new set of people to hang out with.

September 8, 2009

Random–guys are just dumb! cutting isnt gonna really solve anything. i use to do it and it only put me thru more pain. hope things get better for u.

September 9, 2009

*hugs* There are things wrong with everyone. I doubt there’s anything more wrong with you than anyone. Maybe you’ve just had a run of bad experiences. Or maybe take a look at someone you wouldn’t normally think of? (:

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