Last Night

Last night I worked from 11 to 10 and then decided to go hang out with friends. I was dead tired, but there was someone in town I hadn’t seen in forever so I decided I’d hang out with them for a little bit. I just went ahead and went to the bar in my work uniform and I saw a member there. I work at a country club and they’re a few members from there that I’ll see out at the bars and stuff. Anyways I saw one out there and if it weren’t for the fact that I had my uniform on he wouldn’t have had any idea who I was. He basically grabbed me and said I needed to take my nametag off. I wasn’t even doing anything wrong. I wasn’t getting drunk and dancing on the bar or anything. I wasn’t even on the dance floor dancing. I just stood by the bar by my friends and chatted with them while slowly sipping on one drink which btw I didn’t even finish it. I could understand it if I would have been doing something inappropriate, but I wasn’t. Besides I’ve seen him drunk off his butt plenty of times both at the country club and the bars in town.  Normally I would change, but since I didn’t plan on staying out late I didn’t feel like changing. I didn’t see the point in it. I told some of my coworkers today about it and they were like don’t worry about it because I can’t get fired for something I did off the clock. I wasn’t really worried about getting fired or even really getting in trouble, but I just didn’t understand why he got so upset about it. I know it would have made the club look bad or something if I woulda been doing something crazy or inappropriate, but I didn’t. By the time I was finished halfway through my drink he had had several drinks, but I also don’t really drink a lot and sipped on that one drink the whole time I was there. I guess I just don’t get why he was worried about how I looked, but yet not about how he looked. eh oh well.

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June 15, 2009

Probably just didn’t want you to somehow be mistaken for an employee there. But he sounds like a jerk…