Needing to Vent


So I know I probably sound really childish right now, but I hate how my youngest sister gets away with everything. I hate how she never gets disciplined and never really did. I hate her attitude and I can’t stand being around her. I also think she’s a bad influence on my daughter. I mean I love her and all, but I don’t ever want to be around her because she has such a bad attitude and I know part of it is her age and the other part I blame on my parents for never disciplining her and always giving into what she wanted. They still do too since they get tired of arguing with her. All she has to do is argue with them long enough and then they’ll let her get what she wants. I can’t be in the same room with her without wanting to smack her because she thinks she can do whatever she wants and treat people however she wants and no one can tell her what to do. She won’t listen to anyone and I sometimes wish there were such thing as a sense stick so I could beat some sense into her. Not just with her attitude and arguing with everyone part, but because she thinks she’s in love and therefore is making really really stupid decisions and I’m worried she won’t even graduate high school. At this point I don’t even know if she’ll make it to her senior year. She won’t listen to what anyone has to say though besides her b.f. who isn’t the best influence. Work also sucks lately too. Eh who am I kidding it’s always sucked. I feel like I’m being treated so unfairly there especially lately. The management plays favorites and it pisses me off soo much. We get rated at the end of each month and I never get really good scores and I feel like I do listen to what they say I need to improve on and I feel like I really do improve, but the coworkers that don’t like me will complain about me and say things which makes management like me even less and they already dislike me. The only thing that’s ever placed in my file there are bad things and most of it is because I think I’m treated very unfairly. Last summer I missed two days of work in one month and coincidentally happened to be the same day two weeks in a row. The first time my daughter was sick and I had no one to watch her. The second time I had missed a test the day before because I was sick and I had to make it up the next day or I’d get a 0 on the test. After that I was told I was unreliable and my hours got cut to me working only twice a week. Yet it’s ok for others to call in "sick" since they have hangovers or to go home early because they were drinking while a work. It’s just not fair. And everyone gets scheduled more hours than I do and the supervisor even avoided me all last week and didn’t talk to me unless she absolutely had to. I hate my job. I can’t wait until I’ll finally be done with school and graduate in May. I can finally get out of this place then.

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