People Inhale Vigorously!!!

So I have a myspace page, but barley ever get on it anymore. I just get on when I receive an e-mail saying someone’s messaged me or commented or something and I look at it then get back off. Well I had a friend request from someone I don’t even know then I realized it’s one of my ex’s new g.f’s or wife or whatever. I don’t know if she was just looking through his friends list and decided to add me or if he had told her we used to date or what. He’s in the army and isn’t even in the same state as me anymore so I definately don’t know this chick. It kinda pissed me off because it reminded me of how much he lied to me and hurt me. He just cussed me out over the phone one night and dumped me but then the next day explained why he was upset and we worked things out but a week later he dumed me again saying he’s been hurt a lot and didn’t think he could have a relationship while he was still in the army but what does he do as soon as he gets transferred? He gets a flipping girlfriend. Just made me feel like there was something wrong with me because i always get screwed over by people and I always get dumped. Really does make me wonder what’s wrong with me and why I always end up getting use and hurt. It sucks. Oh and of course he had to rub it in my face as to how she’s better than me and makes  him happy and all this other stuff. I’m over him for the most part I just don’t understand why he’s being so childish about it.

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July 2, 2009

I certainly don’t really know, but it sounds to me like he misses you and values you. It doesn’t seem like he’d bother to say all of that unless part of him really cared and was trying to justify it in his head.