quick update

I been doing alright today was a good day for me because my name sake has been watching stuff on my Hulu today up until an hour ago (even though she should of been in bed already)…that just makes me happy every time I see she uses it, it’s like the universe/Mike telling me hey she’s ok which I extend to her sister being ok too. One of the main reason I keep connected is because of Julie mainly because her sister hasn’t used it in forever. Anyway I took a week vacation in March and I decided to take that time to work on my healing over Mike, at least that’s the plan. Lord know I have so much post and screenshots about moving on from death of love one. You guys know how I connect Mike and spiders but this past Monday was the 1st time I seen a spider since Halloween it’s not like I haven’t had him on my mind since then but maybe because I have had him on my mind a little more than usual…man I just miss him so.

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