Spending all my nights reading text from you…

Well it haven’t been all my nights just 3 out of 7 till after 1am and it also include some Facebook messages. You may ask why and I’m not completely sure…maybe because his girls been on my mind a lot or maybe as a comfort to me. I guess the bright side is I didn’t go into listening to the voicemails this time around or fully into Facebook messages so that’s a good thing right because I didn’t go in depth with everything. It’s hard to believe there will be a time I won’t need to go back to those thing, but I guess I will get there some point of time…maybe. Lord knows I shouldn’t keep doing this even though I can. You know that phrase some people say: “I know our relationship wasn’t perfect but it was perfect to me” well mines will Mike I know wasn’t perfect but through my eyes it was at least good despite everything else I later found out.


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August 11, 2019

It’s always hind sight that is 20/20…..not sure why?