Work/It happened again

Work has been a lot lately there was recently a system change and with that it is more work on me and my work bestie, they even simplified things how things are done but that’s not helping to me. There not understanding we use to get help and now we’re not because everybody else is focusing on what has changed within their position. They seem to care more about us not getting over time than the work getting done and I hate not completing my work that I’m suppose to get done because then that sets me behind the next day and the next day and on on, I just feel unproductive lately because I feel I am getting less done than I was before and I don’t like that so needless to say I had a breakdown at work, my manager was there but in different area. While working I started crying just about boo hoo crying and couldn’t stop  pulled it together to get pass manager not looking at her, she of course told me I was late while going down hall and tried talking and I told her know and I’ll figure it out another time, I made it out the door and continued crying still while in the car it took me a while to calm myself but finally did. Called my work bestie and told her and said I think it was totally due to work don’t think it has nothing to do with Mike girls but she seems to think that they might be the underling reason and work just sent me over the edge. I’m like no it’s completely work and she was like if you say so.

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August 13, 2019

question? Why didn’t they have a meeting and ask the employees if the changes would be a good idea and then tell you what the changes were going to be so everyone would be on the same page?

August 13, 2019

@jaythesmartone they tend to lack communication and jump into things. As long as the admin think it’s a good idea and that it should be easier that’s all that matters, never mind the employees who are actually doing the job. Eventually it will probably be easier but not right now because there is more to do on the back end.