Back to the nausea and the hot flashes…

Right now, I woke up feeling like utter crap. Nausea. Hot flashes.. ahh the joys of having low blood sugars and/or pre-menopause. :/ Yesterday morning, my bg was very low… so, that is probably the same today. Some info on that. So.. but I usually wake up like this, and after breakfast, I feel better.

About 20 minutes more and I can test. ^^

Happy Bunday ppl!

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It is also National Cupcake Day which sounds lovely. It is also National Cat Herders Day… whatever that means haha! So, have a cupcake today!

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As for the cat thing…

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December 15, 2019

Oh my god, I love the photo at the end of the entry. While I only have one cat now, I once lived with 13 of them.

Hope you feel better.

@justamillennial X3 I love cats, but 13? Oy. 🙂

December 15, 2019

Behhh who cares about cupcakes when you have CATS!!!!  <3!!

Same thing happens to me all the time with the food… until I have some, I can almost say I feel hypoxic.

@thenerve Are you diabetic? Yes!! Cats are amazing creatures!!

December 15, 2019

@sweetlittleappletun – Not that I know of… is there a test?

@thenerve Your doc will ask for blood tests and a urine sample. 🙂

December 16, 2019

@sweetlittleappletun – Yikes, I’ll ask. I never thought that might be a sign of diabetes… so I never reported any of them symptoms. I thought it was just a normal part of aging to have them lol


@thenerve Yeah, are you always thirsty and do you pee a lot? :/ Those are symptoms too.

December 16, 2019

@sweetlittleappletun – No on those last two. I do get ridiculously sleepy after eating, though…

@thenerve I’d see the dr just in case.

December 15, 2019

Hope you feel better…..You have diabetes?

@jaythesmartone TY 😀 I do. Type 2.

December 15, 2019

Aww, I missed cupcake day! But I had one yesterday at a birthday party I went to.

I have three cats, so I guess I’m a cat herder?

@queenofegypt 3 cats is fine. But more than 6 is a little bit crazy. 🙂

December 15, 2019

Such cute photos.  I hope you are feeling better now.

@wildrose_2 Hey Kerry, it’s just before breakfast I usually feel ill due to low sugars?