Youtubers and a Sims 2 update.. simself update.

I have a few Youtubers that I follow religiously… namely Rapha and Oddie, and now Wood from Beatemups. I have myriads more but I love these three the best.

Here is the start of my simself adventures. 😂 Now I have a custom neighborhood called Brigg’s Gulch. It is a desert town with two cemeteries. One for regular stiffs and a special Catholic one that I made bc Bees reminded me that some sims were or are Catholics. I suppose so…

Here is what it looks like..

Right now there is jack all. The blue areas are the cemeteries.


Me with horrible but accurate Maxis hair. I use these eyes.

My prefab house. I have to be in a mood to make a house. I just did it up fancy… and my simself built that car herself. ++ mech points.

The ugliest premade sim ever. Nery Turner. Blond eyebrows, red hair… no. Just… no.

Fun with the Dance Sphere…

I find it funny that the TOLAD will let you get pregnant with elders…

Next time.. nooboos!!





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December 14, 2019


@jaythesmartone Haha! You try it. You will get addicted. :p

December 14, 2019

I didn’t know you could get pregnant with elders. I assume that TOLAD is an expansion pack?