27th February 2018

so excited!

Ive made a commitment to only buy art from people I know/care about

I’m up to three pieces now.

the first I bought around six months ago, it’s a conceptual piece, lots of texture, on wood. Pained by Artist David Oakley.

the second was a canvas I received last week called Snells Window by Karen Willshaw – she does a lot of underwater photography and this shot is from ocean floor looking up at a boat, with sun and clouds behind it … and some little fishies 😁. I got it in color – it is deviiiiine. It kinda looks like a slightly warped photo of the Earth.

the most recent piece is an acrylic block depicting three phases of the Super Blue Moon on 31st January, here in Melbourne.

Its so Melbourne and so stunning. Just love it! That was taken by Amanda Lee Starky who normally specializes in concert photography but (thankfully) nailed this 😁

#davidoakley #karenwillshaw #amandaleestarkey #art #painting #photography

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