28th February 2018

Few things today 😁

a) (and the most important) – Happy 5th Birthday to my gorgeous niece- I love her to bits ❤️❤️

B) I have a weird tendency to type 3018 in the title of almost all of these diary entries lol I correct before publishing 😁

c) SAW THE MOST FASCINATING PHENOMENON TODAY!! Wish I’d filmed it but I was driving. So fascinating I felt ensorcelled 💫

i was driving to work, down a four lane busy street- but it was early so not super busy.

there were a lot of dried fallen leaves on the road. If you laid them all out you’d probably get a nice 1 ply leaf colorful canvas. Maple leaves. Elm leaves. So many more!

but today, there was just enough leaves, just dry enough, just enough wind, and what happened was magical

the leaves twirled and swirled and danced for (no more than) 25 centimeters off the ground. Touching the ground, then launching back into the air to dance.

this continued even while we were all driving through them! Not just while we were sitting at intersections. Or should that be the other way around lol

it was so beautiful to watch ❣️

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February 28, 2018

That sounds amazing!

March 1, 2018

@thediarymaster It was truly enchanting