it hurts like a fire unborn. it is like a heat just warm enough to remind me of my pain.

I know this feeling all too well.

It haunts me. It haunts me after I am me.

I want to be wanted and wanted in the way that means you want me and all of me no parts left out I just want to be wanted.

how many radio silences will it take to make me believe it. make me believe that I am worth something that you can’t provide to me. maybe I am supposed to feel lonely in this world forever and maybe that’s what I’m really good at. I feel so alone most of the time that even social media can’t do the trick as much as it used to.

I need to put it out there that it fucked me up.

you fucked me up.

im feeling so fucked up.

and I’ll just continue to fuck myself up

until this burn is over

maybe in the morning, maybe never

and you say I’m resilient

but i didn’t want to be stronger

I want to be where I saw myself when I was 10

because life makes no sense now

and I scare everyone away without trying

my party trick is boring you

I need to put my phone down

I need to sleep

I want to feel okay

I want to be wanted

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