Highlights and updates …

… from the recent past:

  •  my SheShed has been assembled; I will be cutting the rafters today so Jason can put on the roof for me hopefully within the next week or two; I’ll have to ask him if I can put up the outside walls before the roof or if I should wait until he’s done; I’m hoping the weather will be nice enough on Wednesday so I can sit inside the framing and get to know her:)
  • job search is going okay; I trust the Universe will deliver the perfect job when the time is right, but I also believe the Universe likes to see some time and effort from me to move into a new employment direction; this does not mean sending out resumes and cover letters, it means asking and knowing exactly what I want next, and then doing something about it; I have been here before:)
  • waiting to hear from GWL with a new slip negating the money showing as income from Den’s RRSP transfer back in 2015; dealing with it sucks because I have a ‘thing’ with money matters, but at the same time dealing with it is empowering; besides, it’s always nice to find a mistake to my benefit:)
  • had a most excellent reflex appointment with Nancy; she’s quite amazing and I always come out with new insights and guidance, probably because we connect so well energetically; she’s my best friend:)
  • Den came through in a card spread loud and clear; 33 Peaks of Joy; R24 Stuck in the Mud; 12 Slow and Steady; 18 Magic Stream; no denying he’s always there when I ‘really’ need his help:)
  • it was a successful PQ reading at the library; my story had to be whittled down so much because of time constraints and lost a lot of its detail; I was more methodical writing it than I usually am, so have a handwritten outline, plus three drafts to revisit; it definitely has potential to be a part of my Big story:)
  • I’ve been bringing up one box at a time from under the house and going through it; dealing with my “stuff” so-to-speak; it’s fun to open a box and find treasures amidst the junk, sort of like finding nuggets in the shitpile:)
  • life continues:)
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November 9, 2019

I hope you get the job that is your dream job and you make a lot of money…..

November 9, 2019


hahahaha yes please!!!! Thank you Jay <3