It’s unusual to …

… journal in the evenings, but tonight is different.  I’ve had a bit of a breakthrough that I want to capture while it still feels good.  This morning I did the 11:11 exercise in manifesting, which basically is writing out what I want in my life.  Pretty cool that I finished and put my pencil down after exactly 11 minutes. There was more to the exercise, but I didn’t go any further with it.  I let my words swirl around me, and then pulled a card – #34 The Amaryllis Lute … and then I had a heart-to-heart with God … my back is covered:)

I messaged my dream about Dennis to Russell, and he gave me his perspective on it.  The only thing that resonated with me was the cursing and boxing gloves relate to channeling anger outwards (which I’m not very good at doing); and that balloons are thoughts!! That was the big one:)  I already know that water is emotions, and I remembered that the sound of water running upstairs was like a waterfall … natural.  Russell suggested perhaps a doorway for Dennis to go through – his life was based on water when he was alive.  Anyway, the dream still sits there … one of those ‘who knows’ kinda dreams.

I napped again, only this time it was right in bed, under the covers and oh man, did I need that!  When I woke up, my spirit felt lighter, and I allowed myself to linger in bed halfway between sleep and being awake.

My heel is still quite painful and now my ankle is swollen, so I pulled out my body language book and zeroed in on some things … right side – masculine energy aka my dad, Niko, John, Russell, Dan, and the in-your-face masculine energy of my sister … and maybe even Dennis.  Crazy accurate guidance … in the meantime, ice, heat, ice, heat, and I will sleep with my foot higher than my heart.

John texted that he went hunting with his sister and sent a couple of pics.

When I was getting groceries a thought was given to me … I have been totally using my ‘victim voice’ lately … sigh … sometimes that’s what happens when everything gets too big, so I’ve decided (again) to regain control of my life … all of it.  That’s when I felt a window open and fresh air blow through my internal house.

It’s only 6:30, but I’m off to bed.  A lot of healing happens during sleep … back to basics.

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November 12, 2019

I hope your ankle heals quickly.

November 13, 2019


me too!! Silly thing is that I really have no idea what happened to it.  I took my workboot off at lunch yesterday and couldn’t get it back on because it had puffed up so much.  Spent the evening alternating ice and heat, and finally in the middle of the night took some Advil.  This morning its somewhat better.  Thank you for your well wishes<3