Memory Recall Required


Open Diary!!! I have missed you, my long, lost love. I itched to rejoin. I yearned for you.

Sadly, I forgot my own name and login credentials.


No worries. I am a different human being with different interests and in a different stage of life. So, I’ll just create a new name which is ever so clever, isn’t it? Very original. ThatOneWhoForgotHerName.

Whatever. You win some, you lose some.


Here we are now, what? Six years later? I am not sure, but I do know a lot has changed. I am the mom to two beautiful little girls, S & V, who are often times delightful much less often total jerkfaces who steal my food and pass gas in my face. That’s to be expected, I suppose. We are homeschooling. That’s fun. And also makes me the worst mother in all of history to more than one person. Also fine, as long as CPS does not get called on my strange ways and my kids aren’t morons.

What else? Ah, I teach a group fitness class. How bizarre, really. I hate exercise. I hate being in front of people. I hate being judged. I hate spandex. (Though, I suppose on the right person, spandex can be quite eye-catching, on me its only purpose is to smooth the cottage cheese and lift things back to pre-pregnancy locations. I might have to reconsider that, though, as I have substantially less cottage cheese to be smoothed these days. Hurray!) I teach PiYo Live, which is some sort of weird mashup between yoga and pilates but performed at breakneck speeds so that your participants spend the largest portion of their time frowning at you and trying to keep up.

So, yes. PiYo is fun. You should all try it!

I still write. I write a monthly article on permaculture, which I should be working on right at this moment (apologies to my editor if he ever stumbles across this and thinks “Why, ThatOneWhoForgotHerName! That simply must be my permaculture writer!”) I also still write bad books. Currently, I’m writing the first book in a new trilogy which is absolute garbage, but I’m hoping there will be a person out there who will read it and laugh.

I still garden. (Hence the permaculture article) This year, my garden will be small if it ever stops snowing. This year, I’ll try to keep things in check so I don’t drown in giant pumpkin leaves. This year I will plant less than 30 tomato plants and not spend an entire week elbows deep in a mill, nodding off as I try to keep up. But I still garden.

Thankfully, most of my perennials are out there, in the ground, ready to give me their food without much work. (Phew! Took me long enough!)


Things I no longer do unless I am coerced:

Sew. blech. My husband told me I hated sewing. While at first I was in utter shock, I realized he was right. I do hate sewing. Why do I continue to sew? Life is too short to sew! Unless, of course, it’s your job or it’s a post-apocalyptic world in which you have to sew. Then, you should probably sew.

Raise silk worms. That was, apparently, a strange and short-lived hobby.

Knit. I do knit some, but not much. Contrary to sewing, I still enjoy knitting… at least when I’m doing it well. When I’m doing it poorly, I am typically cursing everyone and their mother to an eternity of blistered tongues and ingrown toenails, but it’s rare that happens. Truly. Only once about every three months.

I knit about once every three months.

Make my own yogurt/laundry soap/shower gel/flour/kombucha/butter/whatever else you can make and be super duper healthy and not depend on the man. Let’s face it. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Or, rather, I don’t have time for that. I used to make time for it and I truly loved it. I would still love to do it, but homeschool takes up a lot of time and I get tired. Even more than tired, I get lazy. Everyone is entitled to some laziness, right? Every once in a great while, I’ll still make my own yogurt or bread. My mom still sends me out some homemade bath stuff. And I’ll use it and be happy for it. But most of the time, I just grow my own veggies and am happy that I still have the energy for that!



So, that’s that. I’m a new person!

I’m ready for change!

I’m excited for the possibilities of life!


I’m going to take a nap.




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March 21, 2018

Welcome back, new person 🙂

March 21, 2018

Welcome back honey!! It feels weird to be here again doesn’t it? But strangely at home too.


I’m currently thinking of a new name 😂