Lies and truths.

Can you be with someone if you don’t trust them?

I am currently in a relationship with someone who has lied to me in the past, just because they “didn’t wanna hurt me”.

Lying kills a relationship in my opinion, but yet here I am still with him. I love him I do but when it comes down to him going out or even taking his time to respond back to me I flip. Its like I have been traumatized with the fact that he could be lying to me again.

I have cried countless times to him telling him I am not good enough that is why he still had his ex on snapchat. He had told me he had her on here specifically for hooking up if he felt the need to do that. That shit hurts. I have never done anything wrong to him. He fucked me over and I don’t know if that’s something I will ever forget. I am a good person. I deserve someone who will love me.

I feel like talking about this just brings me down. I will end it here, I am starting to get anxiety and I just need to relax before texting him back to tell him that I just need a break from him.

I am trying to find my voice and my confidence again, I don’t need someone who takes hours to respond when I know there is someone else that will only take seconds to respond back to me, and someone who will wanna talk on the phone and surprise me to see me. I need someone who won’t hurt my heart. I just want to be happy again.But it won’t happen for me.


Broken girl.

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August 9, 2020

Yes, it will, babygirl it starts by loving yourself. Everyone has that one person for everybody. Take a look at me for instance I might say that I have found my person but it took me getting my heart shattered by my ex cause he didn’t know how to take care of me and maybe that what you need someone who wouldn’t hesitate to do anything for you. But first, you gotta let go of the trash to get a new beautiful shiny thing in your life. I know that you will find him. I believe in you.

August 9, 2020

@marian24 Thank you love.

August 9, 2020

@thatquietgirl any time love 💛

August 9, 2020

Whether you CAN or not is not the matter; rather it is that you SHOULD not. It sounds like he is treating you as an in-between convenience. You are not loving yourself enough, and you are WORTH doing that. And I’ll say this NOT pointing a finger at you but virtually hugging you: you are co-dependent. Don’t base your worth on whether you have someone else or not. Make someone else be with you BECAUSE of all you’re worth. You deserve better.

August 16, 2020

You deserve better, there is someone out there for you. Happiness starts from within.