Tough weekend.

I am a relatively new-er Mom; officially being given the title in May 2020.  This makes my child 17 months.

This weekend was hands down, the most challenging weekend/days/nights we’ve ever had with our little guy.

I am certainly trying not to sound complain-y – in the midst of a lot of infant loss, I am grateful beyond measure for having a healthy, rambunctious son.  But that doesn’t make this stage any easier.

He’s been teething, and hasn’t really slept full nights for the last 3-4 nights.  Did I mention I’m also in the middle of a somewhat challenging pregnancy right now?  Sickness, headaches, exhaustion with a 17 month old is certainly not a winning combination right now.

Today (Monday, 10/11) – my little guy (Tarin) and I both had the day off for World Mental Health Day, me from work and him for Daycare.  I had planned a super fun mommy and me day for us, seeing as my husband had to work, and really, I don’t get to spend as much time with him (or so it feels like) due to my schedule vs. my husband.  Well, Tarin decided not to sleep all night… literally.  Which made for an insanely grumpy day for him so our plans went out the window. Literally, whining and screaming all day.  It’s just hard.  I’m exhausted, battling a challenging pregnancy and just can’t be fully available to him when he’s so inconsolable like this.

Thankfully, he went down this evening at 6:30 pm, 1/2 hour earlier than  his normal bedtime of 7, relatively without incident (still had a mild meltdown).

I think I get even more frustrated too, because Mitchell (my husband) and I are thousands of miles away from family.  We can’t just pickup the phone and say “Tarin is having a day, want to help?”  That’s been so hard for me.  Most of my friends have their parents/in-laws within miles of them or in the same state, and while that can be annoying (my Mother in Law is a challenge) – sometimes I’d give anything just to have a break or have them close to help out.  The only “break” my husband and I have had since he was born is a work trip to NYC in which I… had to work.  So wasn’t much of a break. Lol.

Anyway.  Just sharing a frustrating mommy weekend.  I’m very glad he’s sleeping right now so we can relax a little bit.  My husband did a lot of the caretaking today because I am worthless without sleep, even more so being pregnant.  Like I literally can’t function.  Let’s throw another baby into the mix!  Lol. 🙂

Cheers to you all, parents are not, just doing their best to survive.

Much love,



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October 30, 2021

Parenting is tough so go easy on yourself. Is it possible to schedule a day off for yourself every so often? I mean for just you. So you can do whatever it is that will recharge you. Maybe a massage or shopping and coffee or a lazy day in your pjs. You need it and deserve it. And you will be an even better parent if you allow yourself to recharge. <3