where is everyone??????


where is everyone,what happened to everyone,I know that i don’t write either  but some of you have gone a lot longer.come on people!I know that you may not be in the mood of writing but aren’t we doing a lot of things that we’re not in the mood to do?isn’t a part of life even if we hate to admit it?I’m gonna try to write as much as possible even if I don’t feel like it or I don’t have anything to write about because I need to write,it’s a huge part of my life so as reading and I believe that it is my future,it is the thing that’s going to prove to me and to the world that I’m the best of the best,and I know that some of you will probably notice my grammar and spelling mistakes and asks what the hell I’m thinking but i’m ready to learn and to work hard for something I want for the first time in my life.so please people write and leave me notes so I’ll know you’re still alive,please!



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May 12, 2013

How are you dear? I’m still here. I haven’t gone any where.