You crashed on the summer lawn
of my suburbia, all laid out
on pebbles of windshield, like a body on ice.
Your life, a reckless car that hydroplaned
on a slickness of overdue bills,
bad choices,
& of course, your men.
Your latest was a mechanic
with batteries for knuckles,
who tested them daily on you.

Carefully, I two-fingered you out
of the crumpled metal of
that troubled vehicle,
like you were the last
cigarette left in the pack
after a long day of work.
I righted you to vertical,
straightened your clothes
& swiped drifts of gravel & grit
from your eyes.

As you blinked your eyes into focus,
you mistook the kid gloves I wore
for the soft, pale hands
of a stranger to struggle.
With that assumption,
you supposed my gavel,
guessed my judgment of you.
And so you went for my hands,
sure of their tenderness
before you even bit down.

You foolish girl, I would’ve fed you
for a calendar year over
had you not attacked-
but now, I must leave you to teethe
on the salted pork knuckles
of your sloppy mechanic.

And I must ask,
please do not call on me again
for my hands are palsied with the intentions
of a person who has learned their lesson
about the close relationship
between good deeds & punishments.

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November 9, 2020


November 9, 2020

@tigerhawk you scratch your chin at me, good sir?! How dare you!

November 9, 2020

@thecriticsdarling – LOL…just wondering about any meanings of this one is all.

And I’ll scratch my chin when I like, dear lady…MY chin, MY stubble, MINE after all! 😀

November 9, 2020


Jeesh, since when did you govern your own body? Radical. Hehe.

(I hope you realize I was teasing with previous note.)

I mean explaining poetry is kind of like a magician revealing a trick….it’s a lot more interesting if I just don’t. 🙂 This is abt a girl who worked for me at my previous job. I tried to mentor her and help her get out of an abusive relationship (which was an overreach on my part… But she would call me up come get her when he was beating her…. I was young and foolish and wanted to help.) She repaid me by betraying me. She threatened to sue my nursing home if they didn’t get rid of me (claiming I revealed the location of the battered women’s safe house she was at to co workers–which I didn’t do)…all because her mom convinced her I was judging her and they could make money off the situation.

November 9, 2020

@thecriticsdarling – Silly lady…I’m quite aware you’re teasing.  Never worry about that.  My default mental posture with you is Weird/Funny/Teasing.  Until and unless you give me direct reason to think otherwise.  It’s all good. 🙂

Gotcha on the poetry…still new enough to you that I’m far from getting everything that might appear here, and I get that it *was* a mysterious form of life.  So thanks for revealing the magic trick anyway.  😁

On that little fuckhead…..🙄      Yeah, it’s more than understandable that you’d want to help that considering your own experiences, only to have that stiletto cut you like that.  Just……smdh…….dammit.

November 9, 2020

Falling out with a friend? 💜

November 10, 2020

Pretty cool poem

November 16, 2020

Some situations hurt everyone involved in different ways, and it’s always different inside and outside of situations. Beautiful poem. I sensed that it was about trying to help someone out of an abusive relationship, and then it was confirmed by the comments exchange you had with someone here. But it’s true, poetry shouldn’t be explained, although it does help those trying to improve their poetry skills. 🙂