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November 19, 2020

Hey Lady. I’ve been lurking the last few days but haven’t commented. Seems like you’re going through some motions- are you doing okay? Beautiful things don’t die this season necessarily… they just go to sleep for a while so they can be reborn, beautiful and new in the Spring.

….. Unless you are in California, Florida, or any of the other states that might have Santa wearing swim trunks beneath a palm tree. Which, if you ask me, is sacrilegious.

Everybody and everything deserves a time to rest. YOU included! Hope you’re being easy on yourself which is a nearly impossible thing to do.

November 19, 2020


I’m treading water…. Better than the Dead Man’s Float, at least, though.

Your perspective, per usual, is lovely and appreciate. I know my outlook in recent entries is bleak. I’m just a little tired, I guess. The “funny” thing is: I have had a lot of loss this year but it’s barely a ping on the radar—-bc everyone is suffering. On a grand scale.

Things will get better.

They have to.

November 21, 2020


You know I think that’s not fair. Its true, but its also not true. Your loss, your suffering… its so much more than a ping on the radar. Yes, everyone is suffering and the scale is grand. But each ping is so very real. Yes, things will get better. Hope you’re leaning into your love and your babies these days to get through it. Together is better. 💗

November 19, 2020


November 19, 2020


November 22, 2020

I hear you on things feeling unusually bleak this autumn. But at least the cider still flows!

November 22, 2020

This is so nakedly sorrowful. Beautiful agony.