The bodies rode in on the tide-
thousands of mayflies,
their one day on this earth
already buggered and spent,
a shimmering black invasion
we are forced to wade through
at the shore in order
to swim in the lake.

As I float in the water,
I think about my dear friend,
the hateful pebbles of cells
that doctors recently found
lodged in both her breasts.
I do the saddest mental math
of how much time we have spent
in the past couple years
as toreadors and bulls,
charging & challenging one another
over imagined slights,
both of us waving hello
with red scarves.

Later, we have to walk back
past the lifeless mayflies
to fetch our sandy towels.
My children squeal
as the dead bodies bump
against their bare ankles.
I tell them not to be scared-
that mayflies are only here
to make more of their kind
for one day before dying,
that they don’t waste time
hurting others with the brief
life span they are given.

And, in that way,
the only one that really matters,
they are infinitely better than us.

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2 weeks ago

Prayers for you and your close friend.  From my personal experience having breast cancer I hope she chooses mastectomy.🙏🙏  The music reminded me of Art Garfunkel.  Take care.  💗👀😎


2 weeks ago

We are all ephemeral if we take a World View.  I try to leave my red scarf at home.

This is beautiful.

1 week ago

My region was recently swarmed by cicadas and, for a couple weeks, their innumerable bodies blanketed the ground and covered trees — and the sound of their urgent mating call was deafening. But it was no plague of locusts devouring crops; these cicadas didn’t even have the capacity to eat. Their whole purpose was to mate/lay eggs and then die, so that the next generation might emerge from the ground to do the same 17 years from now. I daresay that both cicadas and mayflies lend us the precious lesson that we can make the most of our fleeting time on earth and do what we have to do without hurting anyone.

I hope very much that it’s not too late for your friend to receive life-saving treatment and that, no matter what, you are able to spend significant  quality time with her.

“Casimir Pulaski Day” is among the most profoundly sorrowful songs ever composed.

1 week ago

I needed this beautiful grief. Thank you. And I’m so sorry.